Monday, December 7, 2009

Hotels in Hongkong

With your visit to Hongkong, you must be looking for a place to stay in if you don't have any relatives living there. That is the role of hotels. You don't look for some ordinary hotel or apartelle, you should be staying at tourist hotel to enjoy your vacation or tour.

Here are some few Hongkong hotels recommended for you:

: Langham Place Hotel - it is located in Mongkok,Kowloon, Hongkong at 555 Shanghai Street. It is unique from all the 5 star hotels in Hongkong.

: Eaton Kowloon Hotel - it is located on the Golden Mile of Nathan Road in downtown Kowloon. It is only few steps from the two attraction, Jade Market and Temple Street.

: Panda Hotel - it is at 3 Tsuen Wah Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

For more hotels, visit here.

There are hundreds of hotels out there, but be sure to pick out the best out of the rest. Always consider convenience, and facilities.

Spend your Christmas in Hongkong

Hongkong is a great place to take your family this coming Christmas! There are many places to see.

One I recommend is Hongkong Disneyland. This is only where you can go to a Disneyland located here in Asia. You can see here Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Main Street, the four main attraction. You can feel the magic this Christmas in Hongkong Disneyland.

You can visit too the Ocean Park. Your kids will really like the place and the ambience inside. It will be a lot of fun for a family vacation.

The third place I recommend is the Hongkong Musuem of Art. Its large collection gives you a chance to see over 14,000 items in history. It is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm only except Thursday.

Actually, there are over 20+ must-see places in Hongkong this Christmas. You can try to climb 431 steps to see 12,800 statues of Buddha at the Temple of 10,000 Buddha’s.

If you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend, then try to see The Star Ferry. You can enjoy a romantic date there.

Well, in any situation, it is up to you on how you enjoy the Christmas vacation. The places are just there as your setup in enjoying your vacation/visit.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Travel this Christmas 2009

Christmas is coming to town! It is perfect to travel because different places celebrate their Christmas in different manners. It would be nice if you and your kids can enjoy the ambience of Christmas in a different place.

Good News! Many airlines are offering promos starting this December. These are very good promos that we should never let pass because it is only for a period of time. Time is of the essence too because some promos is limited for a few number of people.

I will list some information on those promos for this coming Christmas. We will also tackle different vacation places that can be an idea for those wanting to travel this December.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Storm delayed flights

Here in the Philippines, Ondoy left an unforgettable experience. The whole country was affected by the storm. Until now, the disaster brought by the calamity is still there. The recovery is slowly progressing because a new typhoon is approaching, the Peping.
Flooded area in Manila caused by Ondoy

The flights were on hold for security. It is best to travel after the storm season. Always check the weather report before traveling either on plane or by wheels.
Safe travel is guaranteed on Christmas.

Friday, August 21, 2009

WOW Philippines Travel Agency

What is WOW Philippines?

WOW Philippines Travel Agency Company, a Philippines based Travel Agency whose head office is in Manila, started its operations in 2005 under the name of WOW Philippines Travel Company, a private company not affiliated with the Philippines Government. After a short 1 year of business the company incorporated with the (SEC) and expanded its operations to include all the Philippines Islands. The company has already opened branch offices in different parts of the Philippines and the USA.


  • To offer a wide selection of Philippines Islands Hotels Resorts and services in the field of travel and tourism.
  • To offer full service travel requirements of both leisure and business travelers.
  • To staff qualified Philippines travel agents to make sure that all arrangements and special requests are fulfilled to the expectations of our clients.
  • To maintain sustainable growth and profit for the company

  • Hotels Resorts Reservations

  • Conference / Meeting and Banquet Reservations

  • Group Incentives - (Free Airline Tickets to parties of 15 & more)

  • Meet and Greet Assistance - (additional cost may apply)

  • Boracay Flights - (Free ticket delivery to any Philippines Travel Destination)

  • Airport Transfers - (Roundtrip)

  • Car Rental with Driver

  • Visa Assistance and Consultations

  • Excursions such as: Sightseeing Tours, Packaged Tours, Holidays, Safaris, Trekking, Adventure Trips, Diving, Water Sports, Cruises, Golfing.

Manila to Bangkok, Hongkong, Macau, Singapore for P2199

Cebu Pacific has an offer this August!

A trip from Manila to Bangkok, Hongkong, Macau, Singapore just got so affordable. Cebu Pacific has an offer of P2,199 for those p

Promo Period is from Aug 19- Aug 23 2009 ... Travel Period: Sept 19 - Nov 30 2009

Great deal ei?

Zero Fuel Surcharge!
Agosto ko ng low fares!

Travel Guidelines

In everything that you do, there are things always to bear in mind.
Travel needs that the most. We need guidelines. All actions undergo a process.


For me, when traveling to a place. I should know the place I wish to travel first. You must buy some books containing information about the country where that place is. You could search the internet for information. Ask some friends regarding your plan, they could help somehow.
That's the first thing you need to do if you plan to travel to a place unfamiliar to you. Familiarize yourself with the place you wish to travel to. I recommend buying the books with the topic or title 'Travel to......' or 'A Guide For Travel in ......' and so forth...

Plan your actions... you don't go to a place where you will do 'on the spot' actions. You must know what you need to do for that day...or for that week... something like that. If you don't plan ahead, you might screw the travel. What I mean is, some unnecessary things might happen. Remember that you are a foreigner to that country.

Prepare the things needed. Of course this one is very important to. Never go to a place empty-handed. Money is included here. The documents, passport, visa... all... you should prepare them, and on time. Never bring 'exact'. Some circumstances might happen that you need a spare or excess.

It's good to travel to a place where you know a person, even just a single. Who knows if something might happen that you need help from a friend or acquaintance. Consider the worst. All things are possible.

Be practical. When traveling, do only what you have planned. As I said earlier, if you bring an excess, maybe you can do the 'on the spot' things.

That's my guide for myself. I never experienced bad things in traveling as of now. Maybe those guidelines helped me.

Good Luck!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Traveler's Tale

I have many relatives who traveled around many parts of the world. I say they have experiences I never doubt to be useful to many of us who wants to travel.

As I question most of them, I'll post their experiences and guidelines to us new travelers!
You can hope that these information will be quite useful not only to you, but to your whole family(if you have) or to your whole adventure.

My minds always think about Travel..Travel..Travel!!

What is travel anyway? Moving from one place to another? Maybe not.
For me, it's going to places you have never been before, and enjoying the moments while in the trip. Is it acceptable?

You can travel with me through this blog! =)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Travel Blog!

This is a new travel blog.

This will contain information about traveling.

By visiting this blog, you can get ideas on beautiful places to travel.
In short, the questions WHERE, WHAT, HOW and WHEN can be answered here.

In view of being a new blog, please support!
After a few months, this blog can help tons and tons of people in their traveling.

Thank You!

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